Heartland Pyrotechnic Arts Association (HPAA)

Heartland Pyrotechnic Arts Association (HPAA) is a non-profit corporation based in Indiana. Founded in 1988 we are one of the oldest clubs in the Midwest and has a rich history. HPAA encourages the safe and legal use of fireworks and strives to provide an environment where members can practice their art and share their knowledge.

Our clubs membership consists of industry professionals, hobbyist firework builders, display operators and casual fans of fireworks alike. Our club primarily operates in the Northcentral / Northwest area of Indiana and hosts several “club shoots” every year. 

At a typical club shoot you will be able to participate in open shooting, see some amazing homemade fireworks, network with like minded individuals, tailgate, and even purchase products from any venders who might be attending the event.  We take care of all the legal red tape such as pulling permits, insurance, and securing shoot sites. This allows you to enjoy our hobby safely and legally with out as much of the hassle and cost.

If you are a fan of fireworks we have a space for you in our club!